Web Design

An appealing website is paramount to any successful business. Having a successful website will pull in new customers that may have never heard of your brand before. Many times customers will view a business’ website before ever visiting your business so the first impression is key. Having a business website is the perfect way to mold your brand and allow your customers to find out more about your business. I would love to work with you to bring your business into the world wide web.

Here are a list of services I provide that fall under web design:

  • Building custom websites using WordPress
  • Maintenance and updates for existing sites (built by me)
  • Photography for imagery on websites
  • Hosting of websites through 1&1
  • Custom infographs
  • Icon creation

When building a website, I take into consideration the following (and more):

  • Target audience
  • Website layout
  • Viewer convenience
  • Reasons a viewer may come to the site (instead of using other mediums)
  • Clear navigation of the site
  • Clear use for the site

With all of these things in mind, I will create a website for you that allows your customers to clearly understand your brand and what you represent.